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Quotation & References

Text: Armes (2006:37) or (Armes 2006:37)
References: Armes, Roy (2006) African Filmmaking: North and South of the Sahara, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.


Text: Biwas (2004:45) or (Biwas 2004:45)
References: Biwas, Moinak (2004) “The City and the Real: Chhinnamul and the Left Cultural Movement in the 1940s”, in: Kaarsholm, Preben (ed.) City Flicks: Indian Cinema and the Urban Experience, Calcutta/New Delhi: Seagull, 40-59.


Articles in Journals
Text: Kim (2006:65) or (Kim 2006:65)
References: Kim, Soyoung (2006) “Do not Include Me in Your 'Us': Peppermint Candy and the Politics of Difference”, in: Korea Journal, Vol. 46 No. 1, 60-83.


Text: Baskaran (2004) or (Baskaran 2004)
References: Baskaran, Theodore (2004) “Turtles and antelopes”, on Indian Seminar, available at, [Accessed: 29 October 2010].




First mention: Bunny Chow (South Africa 2006)

Later: Just title in italics.  In headlines, the film titles should not italicized.


Title (italicized), country of production, year, director, language, and some other relevant information for your text (actors, music director, producer). If the movie title is not English, French, German, or Spanish, a translation would be helpful. Sometimes even an explanation in parentheses:

Yeopgijeogin Geunyeo: South Korea 2001, dir. Kwak Jae-yong, Korean. Org.:xxxxxx , lit.: That Bizarre Girl, Int. Title:My Sassy Girl.

Bunny Chow: South Africa 2005, dir. John Barker, English. (“Bunny Chow” is a stuffed bread, a culinary specialty of South Africa).



Films: If you want to include some screen-shots (not more than 5!) to your text, please do not change them or cut them into format. Send it separately attached as jpg. Please include the Source (DVD,VHS). If you want to add photos, please be sure that these pictures are free-licensed, or you have got the copyright.



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