manycinemas 01: urban/rural

Very Welcome to manycinemas' inaugural issue!


There are many movies. There are many cinema traditions on the world. There are many online film magazines. Some are academic, some are cineastic. Now, manycinemas is born and we are proud that we’ve launched this journal. From nowadays onwards, manycinemas will accompany the discussion on film from the view of the “subaltern cinema traditions”, to give them a voice, and to create a theoretical background for their development. Our foci are the cinema-traditions next to the Western world, meaning Asia, Africa, and Latin America, but we are open for other interesting articles on minor cinema traditions.

Manycinemas is a magazine for film aesthetics, theory and analysis beyond the main stream film studies. Every issue will focus one specific topic, and we eager to publish different articles from Asia, Africa, and Latin
America. The first issue is dedicated to the dichotomy of urban/rural and the spaces which lay in-between.

Next to these specific articles we offer the rubric Beyond the Screen in which we integrate works which are loosely connected to film like music, dance, performance, visual culture. Thus we like to widen the horizon, be -
cause cinema is more than entertainment, it’s culture. We start with a photo gallery of cinema buildings in India. To get first hand information we include our interview section, in that interesting film-makers answer our ques -
tions. We start with the filmmaker Jim Libiran from the Philippines.

We are planning to publish manycinemas twice a year. Here you get the first issue. The second - with travelling as its topic - is on the way and will be published in autumn this year. Watch out! We are an online-magazine,
though visit us on facebook too.

We wish you an enjoyable experience!

Helen Staufer & Michael Christopher
editors of manycinemas

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