Call for papers

We will dedicate our next Call for Papers to the most important subject in the world: LOVE. We are not looking for romance and love stories, instead, for love in explicit Non-Love-Movies.
Be patient.
We will inform you!

CFP 01: Urban/Rural

“Many Cinemas” seeks for papers which enriches the discussion on film theory and aesthetics of non-western movies. We would like to invite any researcher all over the world to participate in “Many Cinemas”. We welcome papers on the topic of urban/rural in films of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

CFP manycinemas 02: TRAVELLING

MANY CINEMAS seeks for articles on cinema which focus on travelling - and just like our maxim - in the non-western cinemas of the world like Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

Holiday, business, private matters. There are several reasons for travelling. The autumn edition of MANY CINEMAS will dedicate its issue to the topic "Travelling".

Travelling: People undertake a journey to places, strange and not familiar to them. How do they act or behave in an unfamiliar environment and how does it take an impact on them? Cinema is close connected with travelling. It is a window to the world, both real and imaginary. The lights turn off and pictures appear which bring you to places far away.

We are interested in every aspect of travel in cinema.

Some possible topics are:

* How to travel in film, reasons, way of travelling, genre-questions?
* Travel in search of relatives, lovers or someone/something else?
* Exploring own roots - Culture and Identity
* Thoughts of travels
* Vehicles of voyage
* Travelogues
* Images of appearing and vanishing landscapes and people
* Travel and interruption
* Travelling Cinema

And for our rubric BEYOND THE SCREEN we are looking for articles which are loosely connected to film like music, dance, performance, visual culture...

We would like to invite you to participate to our second issue of our e-journal MANY CINEMAS. This time we are looking especially for participants writing on African, Arabian, Latin American, Chinese, or Japanese cinema.

After our first issue which will be published in End of May 2011, the second issue will take place in autumn 2011.

Please send us your proposal (300-500 words) and a brief CV until 15th May 2011. Do not hesitate to mail us, if you have some questions.

The later articles should have a length of 3000 to 4000 words. Please send your proposal to

Helen Staufer and Michael Christopher

Issue 3 (Spring 2012): DREAD, GHOST, SPECTER and POSSESSION
Issue 4 (Autumn 2012): LOVE

CFP 03: “Dread, Ghost, Specter, and Possession”

For our third issue (Spring 2012) we look for articles on the topics: DREAD, GHOST, SPECTER and POSSESSION in Asian, African and Latin American Cinema. Have a look on our Call for papers (Deadline for proposals 15/08/11).

CFP 04: Love

manycinemas is looking for LOVE! For our fourth issue, we invite academic and critical articles on the subject “Love” in films from Africa, Asia, or Latin America. But, it is important: these films should be not romantic movies or melodramas.

CfP manycinemas 05: histoire – history/story

In French the term histoire is a polysemous one - it has a multiple meaning: history and story. And thus, history is often nothing else than a “narrated history” – a story to describe events in the past in the right manner. Heroes are created, legends are told, and events in the past sometimes are rewritten. Cinema as well as history forms a collective (and cultural) memory of a nation.

In our fifth issue of manycinemas we are looking for academic articles which highlights the polysemous aspects of history in the cinemas of Asia, Africa and Latin America (or some other small film tradition like Inuit etc.).

As we are preparing this issue following questions and topics raise in our mind:

  • Is there any important movie for the perception of “the own history” of a particular nation/ minority group
  • The seam between a possible history (filmic story) and written history (like in Lagaan)

  • Cinema as (hi)story-teller

  • The effect of a visualized history on the cultural memory/ understanding of historic events

  • Coming to terms with the past via cinema (like in Camp de Thiaroye).

  • History fiction and documentary

  • False Memory - False History - False Presentation

  • History Film genre (like Samurai Films/ Zatoichi Legend)

  • National History narrated via a personal tale

  • Film and meta-history

  • Beyond the Screenas an open rubric for essays, which are loosely connected to film like theater, music, dance, performance, visual culture, comic, graphic novels...

We are not looking for Bio-Pics or War-movies.

Please send us your proposal (300-500 words) with the titles of films you will include and a brief CV until 17th March 2013. Do not hesitate to mail us, if you have some questions.

The later articles should have a length of 3000 to 5000 words. 

For styleguide: look here

Proposal deadline: 17. March 2013
Notification: 01.April 2013
Article deadline: 15. September 2013
Release date: late Autumn 2013

Please send your proposal to
Helen and Michael Christopher

Next CFP in Autumn 2013: violence